Inshot Apk Download | Videos and Pictures Editor [47MB]

Inshot is a free HD video editor and photo editing App. It mainly target for Instagram videos and Instagram images. There are many amazing features for video editing like blur background, add music to video, add texts and emojis, cut and trim videos, transition effects, and filters. 


Your mobile phone is not just a device used for receiving and dialling calls, and messages. With the development of technology, mobile technology also improved and now there are thousands of apps, software included in mobile operating systems to facilitates the user. Among those apps and latest facilities, video editing is such an amazing process as now there are thousands of apps freely available for video editing for your handset devices. Among those apps, Inshot apk is a wonderful selection for video editing and now it is freely available for your smart Android devices such as smartphones and tablet devices. 

Inshot apk is the android supported download file format for Inshot application and now you can directly download Inshot apk file from the internet and the process is completely free and reliable.   If you still not download the latest version of Inshot video editor now you can try it as it is widely compatible with android compatible devices.


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APP NameInShot Editor
Latest version1.681.1301
APK Size47.64MB
DeveloperInShot Inc.

What is Inshot apk 

InShot Editor is one of the most recognized video editing application and now users have the freedom to freely download the application directly through the internet. Rather than the other editing apps, Inshot adds thousands of possibilities. It means the latest version of Inshot apk includes thousands of features with several tools to flexible the editing facility.  

Now you can easily use this Inshot application to edit your favorite videos by adding additional facilities. It means you can create the best output, so the final result will be the best as the application’s purpose is to create the best videos in super quality. Then you can easily upload those edited videos on Instagram. If not users have the freedom to save them in your device for further sharings. 

inshot apk features

More about Inshot apk 

Apk is the supported file format for the android operating system. It stands for the Android package kit.  Now users can select Inshot apk file format to download the application directly for your smartphone and here you have to find a reliable web source to download the application. 

For your all video editing purposes Inshot is the ideal solution. The reason for that is, users can find thousands of new opportunities while using Inshot. It means rather than other editing apps, this is the most simple and reliable way to edit videos, add effects,  change colors, add emojis, stickers, and many more effects to increase the quality of your video. 

When concerned more about the application, users can trim the edited video, remove middle sections in the video, enlarge images in the video, rotate the video, add pretty blur effect, add several effects to the image, increase the video brightness, add several music sections, text fields, subtitles, change saturation, multiple filters, and thousands of other options. Finally, you can select a quality to add to your video before saving it. 

 Because of those all qualities represented by the application, it’s already proved that InShot Editor is a powerful video editing application with plenty of benefits. 

Features of InShot apk 

Are you looking for a perfect HD video editor for your android smartphone? Then InShot Editor is the best solution and now it is freely available for you. The application packed with a collection of features, themes, and thousands of options such as trim and cut videos, options to blur the background, add multiple pieces of music and there are thousands more. So now let’s see all those features that freely come with InShot apk. 

inshot apk features

inshot apk features

Multiple video tools for trim, cut and split the video

The application includes a video trimmer, video cutter, and a video splitter to edit videos. With the pro version there you can find a video cutter, and trimmer and a cropping app.  The video slip facility comes in two parts. Multiple slip facility allows slipping the video into several parts. Here users have the freedom to crop the video and export the edited video quality to HD. Users can easily work with free movie maker and now it is possible to use vertical video editor pro version for youtube. 

Merge videos and join videos.

Using the video merge tool and video joiner tool it is possible to merge multiple video clips into one.  Now you can use this for video editings on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other media.  Now you can merge and combine video clips and compress them. Here it does not lose the quality of it as well. InShot apk is most important, the reason for that is, here we cannot find any application that supports Whatsapp and Instagram. 

Add music, add several sound effects, and record music

For your story, now you can add music such as your selected list, Vlog music, and other featured music. By the way, here users have the freedom to add your own voice recordings, adjust the volume an many more music options such as fade in and out option, Vlog, Vinkle, and many more. 

Multiple video filters and video effects

Users have the freedom to apply several types of video filters here. So it is possible to add movie-style video filters and add thousands of full effects. For example, here you can add stop motion, Glitch effect, Old TV,  stop motion, and RGB. There are many more to come. Here users can easily adjust the quality of the color balance, video brightness, saturation, contrast, and other important color balancing effects.  Finally, you can customize your video by adding several filters and make the video more delight. 

Add texts and Stickers

While editing your video now you can add texts, add several text patterns, colors for the text, many font families, change the font size, and many more font edits. Then you can add several animated stickers, emojis, over thousands of new stickers, add custom memes, and many more options. 

Ability to control the  video speed

While editing the video, now you can control the speed of the video using the InShot apk. Using video filters now you can adjust the speed of the related video and change the speed of the video to fast, slow motion, and allows you to add any customizing speed for the crated video. Here users have the freedom to use the video trimmer tool and movie maker app. 

Convert videos and slideshow maker for photos.

Using the video converter and slideshow maker now you can make several changes.  Here users have the ability to convert the related video to MP4 format and you can use the free app for video cutter. Using the slideshow maker now you can create interesting slideshows using videos and photos. Users have the freedom to add music here to make it more attractive. Merge photos and add music to your slideshow allows you t create the best ever slideshow for your presentation.  Therefore you can mix several photos, videos, customize the video and many more facilities. 

Video Cropper

Using the video cropper now it is easy to crop videos in rations. This feature allows you to easily crop videos without any messing. So now users have the freedom to crop videos and remove included watermark if you think it is unwanted. Then you can zoom in and out the related video. 

  •  Rotate and Flip Video
  •  Change video background and video ratio 
  •  Share videos 
  •  Photo Editor and best collage designer 

Using the above-mentioned facilities now you can easily create interesting videos and then you can share them on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tik Tok, Twitter, and many more platforms. 

Download and install Inshot apk for your smart android device

Inshot apk is one of the most popular androids supported application and it is freeware. Therefore,  users have the freedom to directly download the Inshot apk file from the internet. Here the complete process is free and if you are interested in pro facilities now you can upgrade Inshot application for the premium version.  

For the download process, here you have to select a reliable website. To complete the download and installation, here it takes several seconds and finally, you can enjoy the installed Inshot editor while editing your favourite video. 

For download and install Inshot apk now you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.   So go through them and then you can enjoy it very well. 

Step 01. First, users must download the Inshot apk file. It allows direct downloads from the web.  

Step 02. Then you have to visit the device settings section.  After that, you have to enable unknown sources option. Otherwise,  your device will not allows you to carry on the installation. To enable unknown sources, here you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.  

First, go to device Settings > Security settings > Enable unknown sources. 

Step 03. When the above process completed,  now you have to close all the early open windows. After that, open your device download folder. 

Step 04. Here you have to open the downloaded Inshot apk file. Tap on the file to begin the installation process. Here android users have to agree with the applicable terms and conditions. Click on Agree to continue the upcoming process. Now it begins to run on your smartphone. For the overall process here it takes a few seconds. 

Step 05. Finally, you have completed the download process. 

By following the above steps now you can easily download and install the Inshot editor for your handset. So now you are free to use the new editing tool on your android smartphone and tablet device. Therefore try several editing using those highlighted features and enjoy your video editing process very well.

FAQ’s on Inshot apk 

Q1. What is the latest Inshot apk?

Answer: Inshot apk is a popular video editing application. It was known as the most popular visual content editing tool, an all-in-one app. This is the best way to create interesting videos, multiple photo editings snd it allows us to create several image collages. Not only these facilities, Inshot apk includes other plenty of features such as video trimming, cropping,  splitting,  change the video speed, add multiple filters, add text, and many more. 

Q2. Is this InShot editor freely available?

Answer: Now Android users have the freedom to directly download the Inshot editor from the internet. This process is completely freely supported and if you want to move for the premium update, you have to upgrade the version. 

Q3. What is the procedure of the Inshot apk?

Answer: Inshot apk is the best way to edit videos. Here it has the ability to edit videos, add effects, and saves them in super quality. Rather than the other video editing apps,  Inshot apk adds multiple features. So it increases the application performances and then it makes users comfortable than ever.

Q4. What is the possibility of editing videos using the Inshot apk?

Answer: Here android users have the freedom to edit videos using this amazing tool. So now users have the freedom to add music, text, stickers, emojis, effects, and many more facilities while editing the videos and then you can save it in your memory. In fact, we can share them on social media platforms. 

Q5. For what purposes we can use the Inshot apk?

Answer: Inshot apk is used for editing videos. Here you can create a video by adding many other options, make slide shows, trim videos, add thousands of features, change the video speed, modify videos, give subtitles to video, add music and many more facilities.